Emmure-Frontmann Frankie Palmeri: „Es gab Kritik, die ich verdient habe und jene, die ich niemals verstehen werde.“

Er stellt erneut einige Dinge klar.

VON AM 18/02/2020

Emmure-Frontmann Frankie Palmeri hat sich dieser Tage nicht das erste Mal von seinen Lyrics und seinen Aussagen in der Vergangenheit distanziert. Zuletzt wies er seine Einstellung aus den frühen Bandjahren zurück.

Nun äußert er sich über Twitter erneut dazu und stellt nochmal einiges klar. Demnach leide er derzeit nicht an einer „Identitätskrise“, wie ihm von einigen Seiten unterstellt würde. Er sei einfach an einem Punkt angelangt, an dem er sich selbst reflektiert habe.

Das ausführliche Statement könnt ihr euch nachfolgend durchlesen.

Emmure-Frontmann Frankie Palmeri veröffentlicht weiteres Statement zu seinem aktuellen Standpunkt

„FOR THE RECORD: I’m not apologizing for anything I have ever said in a song. Starting a band at 16 years old, you aren’t a fully realized person yet. At one point in time, I was willing to hold on to every ounce of pain I spit on the microphone. I considered my suffering to be a part of my identity.

Over the years, as my internet presence grew and still seeking validation I watched the world both ridicule and embrace the words I put on paper. This now publicized existence in the media, began to alter my entire being. I would spend my 20’s struggling with more demons and more success than I was prepared for. This all came through inside the music.

The lyrics I wrote (about 80% of them) all stemmed from my personal life, I was telling my story, regardless of how it would be interpreted. Fast forward 18 years I was given a extremely rare and incredible opportunity to sit back and analyze how what my time spent swimming in the cess pool of my own misery has lead me, what screaming night after night, for years about unresolved pain has done to my psyche, this has lead me to this exact moment.

I look back at what I’ve accomplished, my failures and I do not recognize that person. I’m grateful that a lot of childhood dreams came true, but I inadvertently damaged myself in ways I only now recognize. I am often painted and labeled in ways I never would have thought imaginable. Racist, homophobic, misogynist, edge lord…the list continues. No one wants to carry these badges.

There was criticism I deserved, and some I still won’t ever understand, I accept this. But on that same coin, the other side, I reject the person I was, vehemently. I don’t need the “music community” or any scene to understand who I am, the person I became or what my values are today.

I am flawed, but I work to adjust and improve the person I am. Not for anyone else, but myself. I know for fans to hear me denounce old lyrics, might seem like I am rejecting them as well, that is not the case. I do and always will appreciate the people who have been drawn to EMMURE and what the music represented.

Just know that the words you hear come from a person I know longer recognize. This is not a “identity crisis”. This is true self realization. If you’ve read the words up until now, I hope it has cleared some of what you might of thought or heard about the recent media attention, that of which I never even expected. I love aggressive music. I love to get on stage and bring people together. I’m just trying to be a better version of who I was. Thanks.“

Noch in diesem Jahr dürfen wir übrigens mit einem neuen Longplayer von Emmure rechnen. Mit „Pigs Ear“ gab es im November vergangenen Jahres bereits eine erste neue Single zu hören.

Wann genau wir mit dem Album rechnen dürfen, ist noch nicht bekannt. Zuletzt veröffentlichten sie 2017 ihre Platte „Look At Yourself“.

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