Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills zollen verstorbenem Ex-Bandmitglied mit neuem Song Tribut


Anfang des Jahres wurde bekannt, dass der gerade einmal 31-jährige Ex-Ice Nine Kills-Bassist Shane Bisnett überraschend und aus bis heute nicht offiziell bekannten Gründen verstorben ist.

Nun zollt ihm seine ehemalige Band sowohl mit einem Benefiz-Shirt als auch einem „neuen“ Song Tribut.

INK-Gitarrist Justin “JD” DeBlieck widmete sich einem Song namens „Sunrise“, den Bisnett bereits 2007 zu Papier gebracht hatte und veröffentlichte diesen unter dem Künstlernamen „Fallbrook“.

Anhören könnt ihr euch die aufpolierte Version weiter unten. DeBlieck kommentierte das Ganze wie folgt:

“Twelve years ago, I met one of my best friends. He was kind, fun, unique, full of happiness, thoughtful, and by far the most talented person I’ve ever met. From the moment we were introduced in the spring of 2006 at Finger Lakes Community College, we were inseparable. We spent days and nights creating music and summers at our parents houses planning out our lives like kids in love with a dream.”

“After some time apart, Shane sent me some songs he had been working on. One of which was called ‘Sunrise.’ I immediately drove to Potsdam, N.Y. and convinced Shane to pack up his belongings and move to Rochester with me, where we would soon find ourselves traveling the country together in Ice Nine Kills. This song is extra special to me because it’s a reminder of the raw talent and simplicity of Shane‘s musical brilliance.

Among the many songs he shared with me, I chose to recreate this one because he left me a way to include him at the end. Although a bit haunting, I feel at peace knowing that his voice can be heard one last time. He left us too soon, but with this song, he’ll have marked his stamp in history. R.I.P. Shane. We’ll miss you.”

Ice Nine Kills-Mitglied Shane Bisnett wird mit dieser neuen Version Tribut gezollti

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