Born Through Fire (As I Lay Dying etc.): Der nächste Song des Nebenprojekts

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VON AM 27/11/2021

Erst vor kurzem haben As I Lay Dying-Sänger Tim Lambesis und Joey Alarcon von Wolves At The Gate mit „Reintroduction“ und „Bone by Bone“ die ersten zwei Songs ihres Nebenprojekts Born Through Fire vom Stapel gelassen.

Dicke Unterstützung

Jetzt meldet sich das Duo mit einem neuen Song zurück. Unterstützung gab es dieses Mal von Hollow Front-Drummer Devin Attard und in Form eines Gastparts von Taylor Adsit. Lambesis kommentiert die Geschichte hinter dem Output wie folgt:

„‘Blood • Fire • Pain‘ is inspired by someone I met while incarcerated. After hearing his story I couldn’t help but be moved by his positivity despite the fact that all he had known his entire life was hardship and suffering.

He had grown up in one of California’s toughest neighborhoods and fought to survive the gang life he was born into. When he was 15 he was ordered to commit an armed robbery. In that moment he had to decide if he was more scared of the police or older gang leaders who he’d have to answer to if he didn’t do it. Though he forever regrets his decision that day he was given an adult sentence back in an era when the prosecuting attorney (rather than judge or jury) decided that.

I met him around age 32 when he’d spent almost 2 decades in prison. He had endured level four prison yards, gang wars, isolation, riots, and countless lockdowns. Despite the struggles of his childhood followed by fighting to survive as an adult he believed there was hope.

This song is dedicated to people who feel their pain goes unseen or that they are forgotten and swept aside.“

So klingt der neue Track von Born Through Fire (As I Lay Dying etc.)


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Born Through Fire stehen bereits bei Modern Empire Music unter Vertrag und es würde uns nicht wundern, wenn uns kommendes Jahr ein größerer Output ins Haus steht. Ob EP oder Album, bleibt indes abzuwarten.

Bild: YouTube / „Born Through Fire – Blood Fire Pain (Official Music Video)“


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