Asking Alexandria legen „Faded Out“ mit Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) neu auf

Coole Zusammenarbeit!

VON AM 20/05/2022

Asking Alexandria haben im Oktober letzten Jahres ihr aktuelles Album „See What’s On The Inside“ an den Start gebracht. Den darauf befindlichen Song „Faded Out“ hat die Truppe um Frontmann Danny Worsnop nun neu aufgelegt und zwar mit Hilfe von Sharon del Adel von Within Temptation.

Die Neuauflage des Stücks wird auf dem Soundtrack des Films „The Retaliators“ zu hören sein. Wie die Zusammenarbeit klingt, könnt ihr euch nachfolgend zu Gemüte führen – der Track steht wie immer hier und jetzt für euch bereit.

Hört „Faded Out“ von Asking Alexandria feat. Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation)


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Zur Zusammenarbeit mit Sharon den Adel sagte Asking Alexandria-Gitarrist Ben Bruce:

„‘Faded Out‘ is just one of those songs with an infectious energy and groove! I remember it coming together in the studio and thinking ‚I can’t wait to play this live.‘ Fast forward a couple of months and I’m being told that Sharon of Within Temptation wants to sing on the song with us, and the level of excitement and nostalgia running through my body was immeasurable!

When I was 14 or 15 years old, I waited in line at Virgin Megastore to meet Within Temptation at a signing and I handed Sharon a demo of my band. Adding Sharon‘s vocals to the song and teaming up with Within Temptation is a huge honor for us and it also brings a whole new dimension to the song.“

Die Within Temptation-Sängerin war nicht minder begeistert und ergänzte:

„We’ve been blasting metalcore playlists through our speakers to gain a bit of fresh inspiration for our side, and Asking Alexandria is amongst the top bands we have been spinning over the past years. Their songs are heavy and melodic at the same time, therefore it was a no-brainer when they asked us to join them on ‘Faded Out‘! We are evenly honored to be a part of this amazing song and we hope everyone will love it as much as we do! Enjoy!“

Bild: YouTube / „Asking Alexandria – Faded Out feat. Within Temptation (Official Music Video)“



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