Exklusiv: EMPLOYED TO SERVE streamen ihr brandneues Album!

Exklusiv und noch eine Woche vor dem offiziellen Release am 19. Mai dürfen wir euch heute den kompletten Stream des neuen Albums von EMPLOYED TO SERVE präsentieren. Es lohnt sich, der Hardcore-Truppe aus dem britischen Woking einen akustischen Besuch abzustatten. Anbei „The Warmth Of A Dying Sun“ in Gänze – wir wünschen viel Spaß:

Zusätzlich zur eigentlichen Musik erklärten uns EMPLOYED TO SERVE auch, welche verschiedenen Bedeutungen hinter den einzelnen Tracks des Albums stehen. Das Ganze eignet sich somit perfekt zum Lesen parallel zum Stream:

Void Ambition: This song was inspired by a quote from Charles Bukowski. He said that “If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life”. We felt this really related to our mentality as a band because we put everything into what we do.

Good For Nothing: People have brought up many times that we are a band with a female vocalist, and that’s not a problem but we have been included in articles and other publishings just because of the gender of our singer and not because of the music we make. Though the intentions for this are usually good we find this is really a backward mentality in the quest for equality. We’re not interested in having a USP, we’re just a band of people making music.

Platform 89: In the town where we’re from a lot of homeless people congregate around the train station, they’re constantly on the threshold of the lives we live and the bitter cold outside, a sort of real life purgatory. The song refers to a hypothetical train that never seems to arrive but when it does it’s in the form of death.

Lethargy: This was written about those people you encounter during your life that always seem to be digging a hole for themselves. Even though they are aware of their flaws, they never do anything to better themselves.

I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away): Everyone’s had it at a point in their life, where you’re stuck in a bad job without any real direction. You’re constantly counting down the hours until you don’t have to be there anymore. Some times these situations can’t be hard to break free from, but it’s important you do, otherwise everyday is just a reflection of the last.

Never Falls Far: This song was written about a sad story involving a lady who owned a dog. The lady had a very tough up bringing which lead her down a very dark path in life. She owned a dog, which due to it’s hostile surroundings, developed an aggressive temperament. One day whilst out on a walk the dog started attacking a group of men outside a pub. The group of men then proceeded to stamp the dog to death. I found the similarities between the dog and owner to be uncanny. Both perceived to be a fret to society yet they are the real victims.

The Warmth Of A Dying Sun: Everyone in life should have a passion, be it big or small. Something that fills them with purpose and happiness. ‘The Warmth Of A Dying Sun’ is about trying to achieve those goals in life even if they seem unachievable. There will always be naysayers and people that think they have life figured out, but it’s important you do what want with your life and not to follow a pre set path.

Church Of Mirrors: Posting photos of yourself constantly on social media is very similar to greek myth of Narcissus. People can’t break their gaze away from the site of their pixilated refection on the screens.

Half Life: Half Life tries to convey what people feel when they are genuinely depressed. You truly feel like part of you is missing and all you want is to feel complete again. The song also about how shouldn’t try and dismiss the way other people feel, how can you relate when you can’t view life from their perspective?

Apple Tree: Carrying on the theme from the previous track, ‘Apple Tree’ is about how depression can be hereditary and how it can be tough figuring life out when the people who you thought knew everything know as little as you do.

Live von den neuen Songs überzeugen könnt ihr euch diesen und nächsten Monat an folgenden Tagen:

30.05.17 – Wiesbaden, Kulturpalast
31.05.17 – Berlin, Scharni 28
01.06.17 – Hannover, Bei Chez Heinz
02.06.17 – Köln, Jungle Club



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