Ways Away: Neue Band mit Mitgliedern von Stick To Your Guns und Boysetsfire

Eine neue Supergroup am Musikhimmel.

VON AM 28/10/2019

Mit Ways Away hat sich eine neue Supergroup am Himmel der ordentlichen Gitarrenmusik formiert. Die Kombo ist das neue Projekt von Stick To Your Guns-Frontmann Jesse Barnett und Boyetsfire-Drummer Jared Shavelson.

Neue Band Ways Away mit Mitgiedern von Stick To Your Guns, Boysetsfire etc.

Barnett selbst fand hierfür folgende Worte:

„I love getting together with new people and writing music. My favorite part is sharing the different styles that everyone has and getting a sound that is totally unique to anything you’ve done before. Everyone in this picture (myself excluded) have played in bands that have actually molded who I am as a person and a songwriter so be able to play and write an album with them has been kinda psycho. With all that being said I’m proud to announce WAYS AWAY Members of Knapsack, Samiam, Boysetsfire, The Hope Conspiracy, Paint It Black, Seal (lol), Racquet Club, Stick To Your Guns).“

Mehr Infos gibt es bisher noch nicht. Wir warten also auf einen ersten musikalischen Output von Ways Away.

Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass Stick To Your Guns-Frontmann Jesse Barnett gemeinsame Sache mit einem Mitglied von Boysetsfire macht. Erst im Sommer veröffentlichte er mit Sänger Nathan Gray eine Split-EP.

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Jon Weiner took some neat pics of us!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ways Away (@waysawayband) am

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

You know when you’re on tour and the “we should start a band…” conversation happens? Well this time we actually did it. This is our new band @waysawayband. I’ve been a fan of Jesse from the first time Stick To Your Guns and Boysetsfire played together, Sergie has always been such a legend to me in all his bands and bringing in Ian proving why Racquet Club is not excluded from that list. We recorded some songs with one of the most talented guitarists and engineers I’ve toured with and done multiple Thanksgiving dinners with @beauburchell. We had the fortunate pleasure of getting our photos taken by one of the best photographers out there and my good friend @jonathan.weiner. Please do us a favor and follow us as we build up to the release of our first album that I am very excited about getting out the world! @samxhandles @ianmercy @stygoc @boysetsfireofficial

Ein Beitrag geteilt von jared shavelson (@jaredshavelson) am

Beitragsfoto im Auftrag von Julia Strücker (Julia_Rocknrolla)



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