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Attila: Chris Fronzak erklärt „Callout 2“ jetzt auch detailliert

Selbst ein Chris Fronzak von Attila scheint überrascht zu sein, welchen Wirbelwind doch der neue Song „Callout 2“ verursachte. Der Track nahm gleich eine ganze Reihe an Musikern und Bands aufs Korn. Die meisten wurden dabei lediglich mit einem simplen „Fuck XY“ abgetan. „Fronzilla“ sah sich nun anscheinend in der Pflicht, der groben Erklärung auch noch eine detaillierte Version hinterherzuschieben.

Hier die explizite Erklärung von Chris Fronzak (Attila)

Time to clear up the shit-storm my friends. Since everyone keeps blowing up my mentions with questions, here is a DETAILED EXPLANATION of everyone mentioned in #Callout2.

Fuck a buddy nielsen: This dude literally dedicated his entire set every day on Warped 2015 to talk shit about Attila. As if that wasn’t fulfilling enough he would talk shit to us on twitter 5 minutes after getting off the stage. Dude is just a whiny bitch lol.

Fuck a Jeffree star: Literally no reason at all other than the fact I expected a crazy clap back. I forgot he’s too damn famous now.
Lipstick on this big dick: this made me smile really big when I wrote it, that’s why.

Fuck a Danny Warsnop: I was drunk in the studio and our producer (who is friends with Danny) suggested this one. Literally no reason at all other than fuck it why not. I love Danny the English redneck.
Fuck a denis stoff: no real opinion here, im neutral, just thought this was funny.

Fuck a Logan Paul: this dude sucks ass
Fuck a rice gum: this dudes a turd
Fuck a bhad bhabie: this bitch sucks

Fuck a Harvey Weinstein: total shitbag
Fuck a offset: dude said some stupid shit but then again so do I so fuck me too.
Fuck a Martin Shkreli: fuck this guy for real

Fuck a stingray: I love all animals except the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. That dude was my idol.

Fuck a tim lambesis: dude tried to kill his wife, that’s super fucked up man
Fuck the band emmure: It’s not really a secret that Frankie is a fucking turd. . I mean his entire band OF TWELVE YEARS all simultaneously ditched him lmao. He’s talked shit to me on and off for several years too, but i just laugh at it. Do I really hate him? Nah I don’t. I don’t hold any grudges. I wish the best for him and his band. ❤
Fuck Connor McGregor: I like mcgregor. I just always wanted to call out the most loud mouthed motherfucker in the entire world and that happens to be him.
Fuck a Tyler Carter: This one is funny. Me & Tyler we’re FaceTiming when I was in the studio recording Callout 2. I showed him the mic and said “yo dude I’m putting you in Callout 2” and he laughed. It’s a fucking joke. I love Tyler more than anyone.
Fuck a six nine: Seriously stop making fucking retarded rappers famous
Fuck a pineapple
On my god damn pizza: I HATE PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA DEADASS 100%
Fuck a 9-5: Jobs suck
Fuck this stupid song: Callout 2 fucking sucks
Fuck wearing a condom
Bitch pullout game strong: I have 2 kids everybody…… by this line how did the entire world not realize this ENTIRE FUCKING SONG IS A GOD DAMN JOKE?

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