Attila Chris Fronzak

Underground-Rapper veröffentlicht „Callout“-Song für Chris Fronzak (Attila)

Frage eines Freundes: Wieviele Callout-Songs verträgt die Welt? Wir haben leider keine Ahnung, aber anscheinend haben Attila mit „Callout 2“ in ein Nest gestochen. Denn nachdem sich Frontmann Chris Fronzak mehrfach genötigt fühlte, den ziemlich simplen Song zu erklären, schoss Frankie Palmeri von Emmure mit Hilfe von außen hinterher. Und nun widmet Underground-Rapper Savage Jesus Attila ebenfalls einen ganz eigenen „Callout“-Song. Hilfe, wir kommen langsam nicht mehr hinterher.

Hört jetzt den „Callout“-Song von Jesus Savage für Attila-Frontmann Chris Fronzak

“Fuck your fucking deal in blood, Stop fucking with the holy one
They fucking tried bury him, fuck you clones, forget the son
He rose up out the shit, 3 days later, senor choosen one
Then he said he died for me, im on my knees, please, only son

Tell me that there hope for me a fucking liar, murdersome
plus i sold the buyer, fucked with fire, im the filthy one

aint no fucking grave for me, i dont deserve, the grace he show
fucking blind, but now i see, thats all i need to fucking know

knife out my back, fucking shits a fucking trap
f*ggot devil thinks hes strapped, christ the reaper is coming back
its a wrap its a free present, please let me into heaven
forgive me father i have sinned, turn my ways, I turn to him
I need you now more then ever, I need you now Lord Jesus I need you
To come back again

Are we running out of time?
Should we look into the light?
Could this be the day we die?
This could be the final fight
I feel the instinct to survive
Today Is not the day we die

Kids be one the menu man, they’re raping babies every day
needles share the poisoned son, its sins his blood can only take
death is not the end my friend youll rise up from your fucking grave
stop trusting on technology until the main frame fucking breaks

every body comes back up it doesnt matter what they say
the goose is loose, you know whats up, theres nothing left we’ve gone astray

I know they fucking watching man, Stop making shit up every day, walk in power, not afraid
my father keeps the hell away

Smashing down the underground theres liars in the mire, they talk the talk but walking soft
upset the holy lion

When you die its Christ you see he hates the fucking liars, The shit you say cant save your soul
from swimming in the fire

Jesus is the light of day, your fuckin right, get fuckin made
all i know no church alone or bible verse that fucking saves
his blood atones what no man knows and gaurds the throne so no clones go
his holy spirit is real life shit, he hung from tree be fucking brave”

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