Mike Caputo verlässt Rings Of Saturn, um bei Brand Of Sacrifice anzufangen

Der Schlagzeuger trommelt jetzt neu.

VON AM 15/01/2022

Erst im September 2020 stellten Rings Of Saturn Mike Caputo als ihren neuen Drummer vor, welcher die Band zuvor als Tour- und Session-Mitglied unterstützte.

Doch das ist nun auch schon wieder vorbei. Der Schlagzeuger hat jetzt eine Vollzeitstelle bei Brand Of Sacrifice angenommen, die er zuvor ebenfalls auf Tour unterstütze.

Mike Caputo (Ex-Rings Of Saturn) ab sofort bei Brand Of Sacrifice

Böses Blut scheint es immerhin nicht zu geben. Rings Of Saturn bedanken sich bei Mike und freuen sich über seine neue Chance.

“Congratulations to Mike Caputo in joining our friends in Brand Of Sacrifice as a full-time member 🎉 Mike is an absolutely amazing drummer, huge thanks goes out to him for everything.

This means that Rings of Saturn is looking for a new drummer to play our European festivals currently booked in August 2022. We will be playing these with our original vocalist, and voice of Embryonic Anomaly, Peter Pawlak. We also have US tour plans beforehand in the summer.

We are preferably looking for a US based drummer, over 21, with touring experience, who can play the full Embryonic Anomaly album, and has all the requirements to travel abroad for the Euro fests.”

Und auch Mike Caputo scheint positiv gestimmt:

„Hey everyone! I’d like to announce that after playing with Rings of Saturn since 2018 I’ve decided it’s time to step down from the band and shift my focus a bit. An opportunity came up for me that I would like to take but might consistently conflict with Rings‘ schedule. I have decided to take this opportunity that was presented to me. But as to not hinder Rings, who deserves someone who can focus on them full-time, I feel it’s best for me to step away.

I want to thank Lucas for bringing me on and trusting me to do justice to those insane drum parts live on the road, as well as the great opportunities this band has given me. Everyone I have played with during my time in Rings have been and still are good friends to me and I wish them the best. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new instrumental material Lucas and Joel will be putting out soon!

As for where I’m going…some of you may know I’ve been doing some tours with Brand of Sacrifice recently, and they have graciously asked me to join them full-time. I’m super excited for everything that we have planned in the near future!

Although I didn’t have the opportunity to play on any Rings releases, I also want to thank all the Rings‘ fans for being so accepting and supportive of me over the years with the band, and I hope to see you guys and gals at future shows!

Wishing Rings much luck on their new endeavors and looking forward to potentially sharing the bill with them on some shows in the future!”

Ersatz haben Rings Of Saturn aber anscheinend noch nicht, denn auf Social Media sucht die Band jetzt nach einem neuen Drummer, zumindest für die anstehenden Konzerte in Europa.

Wenn ihr also gerade in den USA lebt, über 21 seid, Erfahrung mit dem Tourleben habt und das Album „Embryonic Anomaly“ spielen könnt, stehen eure Chancen gut.

Bild: YouTube / „Mike Caputo – Rings of Saturn – Godless Times – Live Drum Cam“


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