Employed To Serve kündigen neues Album „Conquering“ an

Und hier ist die erste Single.

VON AM 27/06/2021

Vor allem mit ihrem aktuellen Album „Eternal Forward Motion“ konnten Employed To Serve vor zwei Jahren auf sich aufmerksam machen. Und nun geht die Erfolgsgeschichte der Band um Sängerin Justine Jones weiter.

Mit „Conquering“ hat die Hardcore/Metalcore-Kombo aus dem englischen Woking ihr nunmehr viertes Studioalbum angekündigt. Erscheinen soll das Ganze am 17. September 2021 via Spinefarm Records.

Elf Tracks wird der kommenden Longplayer beherbergen – hier die Übersicht:

01. Universal Chokehold
02. Exist
03. Twist The Blade
04. Sun Up To Sun Down
05. The Mistake
06. We Don’t Need You
07. Set In Stone
08. Mark Of The Grave
09. World Ender
10. Conquering
11. Stand Alone

Hört jetzt „Exist“ von Employed To Serve

Zur Einstimmung gibt es mit „Exist“ den zweiten Song des fertigen Albums nebst offiziellem Video auf Augen und Ohren. Reinzappen könnt ihr direkt über den eingebetteten Player.


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Sängerin Justine Jones hatte folgendes zum Track und dem Clip zu sagen:

„Exist” is a song that celebrates the highs and lows of existing.

For this video I really wanted to capture the excitement of being a pre-teen and discovering the absolute joy that is music. I loved the idea of getting into someone’s head at that time and them daydreaming about being on stage with the band you love, like we did when we were that age and recently in the past year when we couldn’t play shows!”

“It took 6 months of planning due to the pandemic and because we had to source someone who could create one-off figures of each band member. We were lucky enough to come across Mattachine Society from Brooklyn, who creates awesome bootlegs. For the model stage and backline, Sammy and I channelled our inner Art Attack and made that during the winter lockdown to keep our minds from the apocalypse.

When having meetings about how to dress the set and actors, we wanted to shout out as many of our mates‘ bands as possible and leave little Easter eggs for people to find with each re-watch of the video.

The most important aspect of the video for me was finding a young energetic girl to play the really stoked kid. When I was growing up, metal was a very male dominated genre and I always felt a bit out of place. I feel that this is a different story now with so many women in bands, working in the industry and in the crowd, it’s becoming normalised which is really exciting.“

Foto: Andy Ford / Offizielles Pressebild



Jedes Album ist besonders, immerhin investiert man nicht nur viel Arbeit, sondern auch Zeit, Kreativität und Geld in (meist) ein …