Linkin Park One More Light

Linkin Park kündigen neues Live-Album „One More Light Live“ an

Mit One More Light haben Linkin Park ihr letztes Album vor dem tragischen Tod von Frontmann Chester Bennington veröffentlicht. Das Album erschien nur zwei Monate vor dem Unglück und konnte nur kurzzeitig live gespielt werden.

Nun kündigen Linkin Park mit „One More Light Live“ ein neues Live-Album an. Die Platte deckt 16 Live-Songs ihrer 2017er-Tour mit Bennington ab. Erscheinen soll das Ganze am 15. Dezember.

Die Band widmet „One More Light Live“ natürlich ihrem im Alter von nur 41 Jahren verstorbenem Sänger. Folgendes hatten Linkin Park im O-Ton zur Ankündigung zu sagen:

“We dedicate this live album to our brother Chester who poured his heart and soul into One More Light. After we finished recording the album, we joked with Chester that – since he had delivered so many stunning performances in the studio – he had set the bar extra high to produce that alchemy on stage each night. not surprisingly, he welcomed the challenge.

The shows we played together during the early summer of 2017 were extraordinary. Chester shared with us that he felt this was the best tour we had ever done. The camaraderie and joy we experienced on stage reflected our deep connection with each other, with our fans, and with the music.

Every night before walking out onto the stage, we would huddle, get focused, and share whatever last-second remarks popped into our heads. Chester always took it upon himself to turn the name of the city where we were playing into a first-rate run. This was our ritual. best of all, it was a moment to express our gratitude that we were living our dream.

Chester never forgot to express his appreciation to our crew – the men and women who traveled the world with us, making our dream into reality night after night. without them, these shows would not have been possible.

Chester was uniquely passionate, uncommonly generous, sensitive, optimistic, funny and kind. with his voice, he turned pain into catharsis, authenticity into art, and passion into connection. His dedication to bringing these songs to life was triumphant. for those of you who attended this tour in person, we thank you. For those who could not, we hope this live album gives you a glimpse into how magical these shows were for the six of us.

– Joe, Dave, Rob, Mike & Brad“

Tracklist – Linkin Park – One More Light Live:

01 – “Talking To Myself”
02 – “Burn It Down”
03 – “Battle Symphony”
04 – “New Divide”
05 – “Invisible”
06 – “Nobody Can Save Me”
07 – “One More Light”
08 – “Crawling”
09 – “Leave Out All The Rest”
10 – “Good Goodbye” (feat. Stormzy)
11 – “What I’ve Done”
12 – “In The End”
13 – “Sharp Edges”
14 – “Numb”
15 – “Heavy”
16 – “Bleed It Out”