Whitechapel: Drummer Alex Rüdinger ist schon wieder raus aus der Band


VON AM 09/12/2021

Anfang September haben Whitechapel mit Alex Rüdinger ihren neuen festen Mann am Schlagzeug verkündet. Etwas mehr als drei Monate später ist das Engagement allerdings auch schon wieder Schnee von gestern. Der Musiker hat mittlerweile seinen plötzlichen Ausstieg aus der Band bekanntgegeben.

Whitechapel ab sofort ohne Alex Rüdinger

Die Gründe für den Split sind trotz des umfassenden Statements recht nebulös. Rüdinger selbst deutet darin aber an, dass ihm gewisse Dinge auf „professioneller und persönlicher“ Ebene nicht geheuer erschienen.

Überdies sei er nie wirklich ein festes Mitglied der Band gewesen. Die Ankündigung sei dato voreilig gewesen, er selbst habe zu diesem Zeitpunkt auch noch nichts unterschrieben.

Das komplette Statement haben wir euch im Folgenden beigefügt:

„Whitechapel‘s first show since Covid began is right around the corner. Since I won’t be there, it’s probably time to make this known: A while back, I resigned from Whitechapel. I offered to keep this under wraps until sometime after the album was released. Despite the fact that I’m no longer with them, I’m immensely proud of the new album, and I didn’t want anything to distract from the music / release itself.

There were certainly reasons for this decision, but I’ve always felt that it’s incredibly unprofessional for an artist to divulge all of their issues publicly. All I’m going to say is: A number of things didn’t seem right to me, both professionally and personally, so I decided to move on.

Additionally / for the record: Despite their semi-recent post, I was never a full-time member of the band. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone, but that announcement was made prematurely. It was discussed, but significant details were never addressed. I was never asked to sign anything, nor did I have any knowledge on the inner workings of the business itself. I was treated and compensated as a hired-gun the entire time, including the writing and recording of ‘Kin‘.

At any rate – to any W.C. fans, fret not. They were a band long before I came into the picture, & I’ve no doubts that they’ll find a suitable replacement & keep truckin’ right along. I’m still incredibly thankful that I got the opportunity to play and write with them, and I wish them well.

I’m not entirely sure what’s next for me. In the immediate, I’ll be playing with Light The Torch on the upcoming U.S. tour supporting Killswitch Engage and August Burns Red. I’ve worked with Light The Torch periodically in recent years, and I’m quite looking forward to performing live with ’em. Past that, I guess we’ll see!

& if you’re still reading: Big love to all you people that’ve followed my work over the years (regardless of where I’ve gone!) Things haven’t always panned out the way I imagined, but I’m still so thankful for all of these experiences – good and bad alike. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to experience ANY of it without you all, so for real – thank you.

That’s all for now, ya’ll. Hope you’re well <3 ! -Rudi"

Foto: Alex Morgan Imaging / Offizielles Pressebild



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