The Black Dahlia Murder besingen das „Child of Night“

Aus dem neuen Album.

VON AM 14/03/2020

The Black Dahlia Murder bringen im April ihr neues Studioalbum „Verminous“ auf den Markt. Mit dem Titeltrack haben wir bereits eine erste Single auf die Ohren bekommen. Nun folgt ein weiterer neuer Track.

Der heißt „Child Of Night“ und steht nachfolgend für euch zu Verfügung. On top gibt es natürlich auch ein passendes Musik-Video.

Seht jetzt das Video zur neuen Single „Child Of Night“ von The Black Dahlia Murder


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„Verminous“ erscheint am 17. April und markiert das nunmehr neunte Studioalbum von The Black Dahlia Murder. Zuletzt brachten sie 2017 ihre Scheibe „Nightbringers“ auf den Markt.

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Massive thanks to Juanjo Castellano for contributing this head turning album cover. Head over to @juanjocastellano_art and give him a follow! #Repost @juanjocastellano_art • • • • • • A few months ago I received a proposal from Trevor from the THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER. The commission was not something simple or easy to carry out, it was the possibility of making the cover for the next album of the band that would have the disturbing title of "Verminous". Wrapped up in excitement, Trevor gave me some guidelines for the job, and hey, I couldn't have said anything more inspiring…. "What I am imagining here is a massive ancient death metal sewer scene. Something like" Like an Ever Flowing Stream "or" Clandestine "meets a sewer system. The main colors would be black and green… a nice dark foresty green." "I want it to be really noxious and fume-y looking. Poisonous!" What else could I ask for? It seemed that I could have had this idea for myself perfectly. You can imagine the rest of the history….almost three weeks of hard work, taking care of even the smallest of details, enjoying painting all those crawling creatures, cockroaches, rats, insects, sewage, pollution and degeneration in a massive underground world of dark sewers. Finally Metal Blade and the band made the cover public, and now I just try to contribute with something more to all those who have been attracted to my work, and the realization of it. Let me know about what you think please, if you likes the art and have the level for such project, spread it, and give me a Like if you like it. I am really proud to be part of this album. Cant wait to listen it.

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