TEETH (Hundred Suns, Ex-Every Time I Die) mit neuem Song

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VON AM 22/02/2020

Die Band TEETH ist euch nicht bekannt? Das sollten wir an dieser Stelle schleunigst ändern. Die Kombo ist das neue Bandprojekt der beiden Hundred Suns-Mitglieder Chris LeMasters (Ex-Dead And Divine) und Ryan Leger (Ex-Every Time I Die) zusammen mit Blake Prince (Anniversary, Straight Reads The Line).

Nun gibt es einen neuen Song namens „Smother“ auf die Ohren. Chris LeMasters kommentierte die Output wie folgt:

„This is the first song I wrote for what would eventually become [the band] and it really helped shape/define how we’d sound going forward. I knew I needed a creative outlet that’d let me do something heavier, more pissed off, and it just didn’t quite fit with Hundred Suns or any of the other bands I’m in.

‘Smother‘ sorta created itself. I had a couple ideas I’d been sitting on and they just worked, which is always cool. I’d originally bounced the song to my good pal Gage [from To Speak of Wolves] who sent back some really cool, aggressive and moody as fuck vocals. Over the next year, we sat on the song — not sure what to do with it, not sure where it’d go and eventually decided that we just wouldn’t be able to do Teeth together.

He was in Nashville with his wife and newborn daughter, and I’m up in Toronto, Canada. So the distance was a bit tough and he had just started his rad new custom hat business, Daisy May Hat Co.

Meanwhile, I had already been chatting with one of my best friends, Blake Prince [of] Straight Reads the Line about starting a heavy band with some homies from the area. We just took Teeth and ran with it since it was still just an idea at that point.

Blake threw his own spin on the vocals for ‘Smother,’ but chose to keep the lyrics/general vibe that Gage sent because, well, they were already great, and that was our first song.“

Ihr könnt euch den taufrischen Track nachfolgend zu Gemüte führen.

Seht jetzt das Video zum neuen Song „Smother“ von TEETH (Hundred Suns, Ex-Every Time I Die etc.)


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