In Hearts Wake veröffentlichen eine weitere neue Single

Die Platte erscheint MORGEN.

VON AM 06/08/2020

Bereits morgen bringen In Hearts Wake ihr neues Studioalbum „Kaliyuga“ auf den Markt. Damit auch die letzte Nacht des Wartens noch überstehen, gibt es kurz vor knapp einen neuen Song auf die Lauscher.

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For In Hearts Wake, the journey through the four elements are now complete. The surrounding fires, both physically and metaphorically have made the writing, recording & release process of this record our most challenging to date. We have learned so much about ourselves, our community, the industry, the Earth and the world. At times it hasn’t been easy to admit where we’ve stumbled, but we’re constantly acknowledging them as the lessons we needed to be taught. We’ll never be perfect & seeking solutions-wise, we are certainly not out of the woods yet–but we’ll continue to keep trying! Finding recycled solutions for our vinyl & cd’s was a challenge, getting told “no” by retailers who wouldn’t stock our records without shrink wrapping was a setback, B&W t-shirts being the only affordable organic garments we’ve been able to source in Australia is limiting, and we’ve waived goodbye to the non eco stage production that once brought us joy. Alas, the times they are a changing. We had planned to have announced headline dates all over the world by now, and had hoped to see North America as soon as this month, but ‘the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named’ has not made it easy on anyone. It has thrown unforgivable curses left right and centre. We weren’t to know that the apocalyptic masks worn in our video for ‘Worldwide Suicide’ would one month later become part of the new ‘normal’. The climate crisis has not gone away & everyone is just doing their best to get by, but perhaps this is our chance to let go of that which no longer serves us and call in a new way of living, in the name of transformation and evolution. Think of all that we humans have created when we put our minds to it: airplanes, skyscrapers, space travel, shake weights & the internet. Imagine what we are capable of! All of that being said, this record feels like a coming of age for our band. A monumental step forward, not only as creatives but in backing ourselves as a fellowship. We took some serious risks on this record & at times got told we were crazy, but in our guts, they felt right to pursue. Two years ago we began managing our own band & as five we feel closer than ever… (continued in comments)

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Nach den ersten Singles „Dystopia“, „Worldwide Suicide“, „Son Of Witch“ und „Hellbringer“ mit Polaris-Frontmann Jamie Hails bekommen wir somit die fünfte Single serviert.

Zu Gemüte führen könnt ihr euch die definitiv letzte Vorab-Release vor Veröffentlichung des Longplayers hier und jetzt.

Hört jetzt die neue Single „Moving On“ von In Hearts Wake


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„Kaliyuga“ erscheint indes am morgigen Freitag, den 07. August und markiert das nunmehr fünfte Studioalbum der Kombo aus Byron Bay. Z

uletzt brachten sie 2017 ihre Scheibe „Ark“ auf den Markt.

Foto: In Hearts Wake / Offizielles Pressebild




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