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Davey Suicide zeigen das fetzige Video zu ihrer Single „Animal“

Heute ist übrigens auch das brandneue Album erschienen.

VON AM 24/01/2020

Aufmerksame Leser kennen sie, der Rest darf sie spätestens heute kennenlernen! Nachdem Davey Suicide uns im letzten Jahr noch mit einem Feature mit The Word Alive-Sänger Telle Smith beglückt haben (hier geht es zur News), legt die Band aus dem selbsternannten „Unholywood Killafornia“ nun endlich nach und beschert uns mit ihrer neuen Single „Animal“ ein wahres Brett für alle Goth Rock-Fans. Doch allein dabei bleibt es nicht! Die Jungs aus den Staaten scheinen an Gastauftritten Gefallen gefunden zu haben und haben sich für ihre neue Single niemand anderes als Young Guns-Frontmann Gustav Wood dazugeholt. Für Fans der Truppe mit Sicherheit etwas besonderes, ist es doch um die Engländer lange ruhig gewesen.

Wer jetzt so langsam Blut geleckt hat, darf sich freuen. Denn die Band um Fronter Davey veröffentlicht heute nicht nur ihre neue Single, sondern zudem auch ihr neues Album „Rock Ain’t Dead“ via Out Of Line Music. Darauf zu finden sind 13 Tracks voller Industrial Horror Rock, wie es die Band selbst betitelt. Weiter unten findet ihr übrigens detailliertere Infos zum Album, denn Frontmann Davey hat sich für ein paar Fragen zum Longplayer ausquetschen lassen. Spoiler: Durchlesen lohnt sich!


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Zur Single äußern sich Davey Suicide übrigens wie folgt:

“Animal” is our cat and mouse thrill of the chase adrenaline rush when you meet someone who makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. You want to do all the bad things to them and you’re okay with receiving it in return. There’s the moments in life that you’ll never forget, that may be forbidden to tell your friends and that’s okay because were animals running free in the wild.“

Seht hier das Video zu „Animal“ von Davey Suicide feat. Gustav Wood


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1. Davey, please give a little insight to the history of the band. Where are you from, when was the band established, standard infos for people who are new to the band!

The band started and first album concepts were created in 2011 with our first shows in 2012.  We got signed, put out our first EP in November of 2012 and our first album in March of 2013.  We went through a couple line up changes, as most bands do in their initial stages, and Niko and Derek came on in 2014/15 at the tail end of the World Wide Suicide era. Marton, our newest member, joined us in 2019 after the departure of long-time drummer, Drayven Davidson in 2018.  There was a void after Drayven left because he was such an integral part and powerhouse on stage.  It didn’t start feeling complete again until Marton came aboard in 2019.  He is one hell of a drummer and our most technically sound player we’ve ever played with.

2. Please introduce briefly the individual bandmembers!

Niko, our guitarist is originally from Russia and his favorite band is ACDC. Derek, aka the Strange Man plays bass and adds a lot of punk rock and horror to our mix. Marton, from Hungary is our newest member and he’s a baaaaaad man behind the drum kit.

3. ROCK AIN’T DEAD – the title of the new album. Please give an insight to how you chose the name!

“Rock Ain’t Dead” stemmed from my suspicion that Rock fans haven’t gone anywhere, they just need a reason to fall in love again. From what I’ve observed, the music industry continues to shrink and the companies running it have become less likely to take risks on bands. There is less money to go around for developing artists and being stuck with an unsuccessful campaign. That forces mid level bands, like us, to be pushed aside for being different, or you can choose to conform to what works. Most big Labels have a team of writers who will demo songs for bands willing to be puppets and they re-record that song to make it their own. Labels feel safe by trusting this process because they have a track record with the songwriters/producers and in turn, most bands sound the same. As a fan of music, I feel we are doing an injustice to listeners to play it safe and we as artists should push boundaries, and take music farther than its ever been. I think that’s why I have a problem with authority. They’ve always said, you can’t do that. Of course you can. Boundaries are only there because we put them there. Hopefully, this puts a fire under everyone’s ass and our listeners realize we’re doing something fresh and cool.

4. You worked on the album artwork with Richard Villa III. Can you tell the story behind the artwork? Does it have a specific meaning and how does it coincide with the album title and the single „Rock Ain’t Dead“ and the video for it?

The cover derives concepts from „as above, so below,“ but we’ve left several concepts for the fans to come up with their own meanings.  If they watch the R.A.D. music video, you’ll see dozens of subliminal meanings sprinkled throughout.

5. R.A.D. is your fourth full album, and the first one with Out Of Line Music in Germany.
What do you think will change for the band, now that you work together with a label based in Europe?

Creating expectations tends to ruin the outcome of situations, so I’ve been trying to limit mine on this release.  What I do know is this is our best album and collection of songs to date.  We’ve given them our best videos, press photos and album art so they can do their job to their best of their abilities. I’m hoping by the end of this cycle, we’re neck in neck with the top tier bands of our genre.

6. Making of The Album: Could you briefly give an insight to the making of the album? Your writing process, the recording process and any anecdotes from the mix and/or master?

The writing and completion of this album was easier than any we’ve had in the past. Jared aka „Needlz“ and I have a great flow, since we’ve worked togther since 2011. The concepts end up being the toughest part to tackle but after spit balling a few ideas, it started taking shape.  The album was almost called Coping Mechanisms but I felt like Rock Ain’t Dead was such a bigger concept.  This was the first album that I co-wrote with Charles, our producer and we did 4 songs together after writing One of My Kind together.  I think I finally had a clear head and both of these guys are great at knowing what I like, so the collaboration is organic.  By the time the songs were ready for Niko, I didn’t think it could get any better, but Niko is a boss and brought it to an even higher level with his guitar parts.


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Foto: MichellexStar Photography / Offizielles Pressebild



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