Bad Wolves-Frontmann über Coronakrise: „Viele Politiker […] nutzen den Lockdown als Mittel, um Tyrannei und Unterdrückung herbeizuführen“

Puh. Darüber lässt sich streiten.

VON AM 21/05/2020

Bad Wolves-Frontmann Tommy Vext hat allem Anschein nach so seine ganz eigene Meinung zu den Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Coronavirus-Pandemie. Der Sänger kritisierte in einem Interview mit dem Radiosender Lazer 103.3 nämlich die Handhabe einiger US-Politiker mit der Krise.

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THIS POST HAS BEEN CENSORED – PLEASE LIKE AND TAG A FRIEND – “Violators cannot live with the truth: survivors cannot live without it. There are those who still, once again, are poised to invalidate and deny us. If we don't assert our truth, it may again be relegated to fantasy. But the truth won't go away. It will keep surfacing until it is recognized. Truth will outlast any campaigns mounted against it, no matter how mighty, clever, or long. It is invincible. It's only a matter of which generation is willing to face it and, in so doing, protect future generations from ritual abuse.” ~ C. Oksana A passage from “A GUIDE FOR SURVIVORS OF RITUAL ABUSE”directly correlates to the gas lighting fatigue the American public has experienced from the constant onslaught of terror broadcasting from our mainstream media outlets. We are so beaten down and emotionally abused by misinformation and faulty narratives that when our attention is diverted to their normal “Police Brutality” to “Me Too” to “NAZI’s in America” sensationalism we no longer even wince. I mean last week the PENTAGON RELEASED VIDEO EVIDENCE OF UFOS & literally nobody cared. We are tired and those speaking out are being silenced. Dozens of medical professionals, specialists and the like are coming forward internationally debunking the reality of the shelter in place order & the severity of the virus.These gross miss calculations have devastated the working class & small buisness owners of the WORLD ECONOMY. As the weeks pass and the constant flow of new information cracks holes in the dam we are seeing more countries go back to normalization.I feel compelled to remind all my friends to remember these months. Because if we do not learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. We all need to become more aware of who our elected officials are when it comes time to vote at every level. Our slumber as a citizenry must end. The division of race, gender, age, money & political leanings must dissolve so we can get back to being Americans again. Please excuse the photo, hyper sexualization was the easiest way to ensure these words would get seen by the optimal amount of people. 📸 @alfiecinematiq 💥 @krispymatt

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So hätten die Gouverneure einiger Bundesstaaten zu Beginn seiner Meinung nach „überreagiert“. Obendrein kritisiert er, dass viele die Krise dafür nutzen, ihre eigene Politik auszuüben.

Demnach würden viele dieser Politiker die Maßnahmen dafür „nutzen“, die US-Regierung (namentlich Donald Trump) zu kritisieren und an den Pranger zu stellen und Leute, die die Maßnahmen für überzogen halten, zu unterdrücken.

„I think that the coronavirus pandemic has been politically hijacked, and I think that certain governors with certain political leanings are continuing to overextend a lockdown order that on a global standpoint, it’s scientifically arguable that it was necessary to begin with. I think it was smart for us to do what we did as a community and as a people as a whole to make sure that we responded to what we thought was gonna happen. But as the data continues to come out, you’re starting to see the truth.

I think that it was very overexaggerated, and I think, as a result, there are a lot of political leaders who would like to see a change of regime with the presidency and I think they’re using the lockdown order as a way to impose tyranny and oppression upon people who don’t want it.“

Bad Wolves-Sänger Tommy Vext unterstellt einigen Politikern Machtmissbrauch während Coronakrise

Der Bad Wolves-Frontmann erklärt weiterhin, er habe den Eindruck, dass vielen, die sich gegen die Maßnahmen aussprechen, der Mund verboten werde.

Für ihn sprechen die Infektions- und Todeszahlen für sich. Man habe die Gefahr der Pandemie schlimmer dargestellt, als sie sei.

„I’ve drawn a lot of controversy by being outspoken about this. I have friends who are actors and friends who are artists who, they’re being silenced. Scientists and doctors are not allowed to talk about this. If they talk about it on YouTube, they’re getting deleted. To me, that’s a lot of red flags. And then you see the police departments in various cities are kind of refusing to lock up innocent business owners for just going back to work.

I think that the American people have kind of had enough of being told what to do and told that our lives are in danger when the numbers aren’t there. We have 39 million people in California and 3,000 deaths from coronavirus.“

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