Arch Enemy: Alissa White-Gluz weist Vorwürfe von Vicky Psarakis von sich

Sie sucht jetzt das klärende Gespräch.

VON AM 12/09/2019

Arch Enemy-Sängerin Alissa White-Gluz musste vor kurzem harsche Worte von der Nachfolgerin ihrer ehemaligen Band The Agonist einstecken. Die jetzige Frontfrau Vicky Psarakis warf White-Gluz nämlich vor, The Agonist sabotiert zu haben.

Arch Enemy-Sängerin äußert sich zu den Vorwürfen ihrer ehemaligen Band The Agonist

Sie sei sauer, dass man sie aus der Band entlassen habe, nachdem sie bei Arch Enemy eingestiegen ist und wollte die Release der neuen Agonist-Platte verhindern.

Alissa White-Gluz reagiert nun auf die Vorwürfe von Vicky Psarakis. In einem Statement lässt die Sängerin über ihr Management verlauten, dass sie weder ein Problem mit Psarakis habe, noch in der näheren Vergangenheit Kontakt zu ihren ehemaligen Bandkollegen hatte.

Sie sei sehr beschäftigt mit ihren derzeitigen Projekten und außerdem sehr glücklich damit.

„I do not and have not talked about them or even thought about them in years. I am more than happy to talk to Vicky and put her concerns to rest because I know for a fact they are completely untrue. I have nothing but good luck to give her since I know I really enjoyed the music I made in that band and I’m sure she is making great music now too. She is welcome to contact me and always has been welcome to do so, but never has.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that she is just confused or misinformed. I don’t know anything about her and as such, don’t have any ill will towards her. The only contact I’ve had with them in any way was when I encountered the bass player at a metal show in Montreal a few years back and had nothing but a handshake with him. That was the ONLY contact I have had with that band in any way shape or form since we parted ways.

I cannot stress enough that I am extremely happy and extremely busy with my current projects and don’t have time to dwell on the activities of others. I do not have any time, energy or interest to invest in trying to control someone else. Women in metal ALL stick together, no matter what. She and I are both just trying to have our music heard and I know firsthand how emotional and difficult it can be because I’ve been through it all, working my way from the ground up for years.

I have no negative feelings towards her. I think she just misspoke and got emotionally carried away. She is welcome to contact me at any time. I am happy to help her in any way she needs and I sincerely wish her the best. I am proud of my fans for taking the high road and not engaging in harassing others. Please do NOT harass Vicky or her band. People make mistakes and we can forgive them. Thank you.“

Wir hoffen für beide alle Beteiligten, dass nun bald endlich Ruhe einkehrt.

Foto: Arch Enemy / YouTube: „War Eternal (OFFICIAL VIDEO)“



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