Absence Of Despair: Hört hier den neuen Song mit Emmure-Frontmann Frankie Palmeri

Die Platte ist heute erschienen.

VON AM 13/09/2019

Am heutigen Tage gibt es wieder massiv Neuerscheinungen auf die Ohren. Darunter befindet sich auch das neue Album von Absence Of Despair. Selbiges hört auf den Namen „Desolate“ und bietet unter anderem den Track „The Skin We Live In“, bei dem sich Emmure-Frontmann Frankie Palmeri im Rahmen eines Gastparts austoben durfte. Absence Of Despair-Sänger Joe Reynolds hatte folgende Worte zur Zusammenarbeit parat:

We always love featuring people in our music when we can, and for ‘The Skin We Live In‘ I think we all agree that Frankie was the perfect match. I’ve been a huge fan of Emmure for a while, and we definitely got a lot of influence from them while writing this song.

So when the opportunity came about to have Frankie on the track I was insanely excited. When we were figuring out what verse to have him do, I just kept adding and adding because I knew he was gonna kill it. Then there were a whole bunch of parts that I kept thinking our screams would be sick layered together.

I think overall everything came out amazing. Frankie really captured the emotion of the song and took off with it. We were all blown away when we heard the final product. I couldn’t feel my face.

Hört jetzt den neuen Absence Of Despair-Song mit Frankie Palmeri (Emmure)


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Foto: Emmure / YouTube: „Solar Flare Homicide“



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