Jesse von Killswitch Engage mischt im Agnostic Front-Moshpit mit

Dass Jesse Leach von Killswitch Engage einen besonderen Hang zur Hardcore- und Punk-Szene hat, sollte allen Fans der Kombo bekannt ...

VON AM 23/09/2018

Dass Jesse Leach von Killswitch Engage einen besonderen Hang zur Hardcore- und Punk-Szene hat, sollte allen Fans der Kombo bekannt sein. Dass er aber mit aktuell 40 Jahren immer noch gerne am Mosh-Geschehen teinimmt, sieht man hingegen selten. Auf einer Show von Agnostic Front war es jetzt aber wieder soweit. Beim Evergreen „Gotta Go“ hielt es Leach nicht mehr aus und stürmte nach ganz vorn. Es ist schön zu sehen, dass auch bekannte Sänger wie Leach im Inneren immer noch „Kids“ wie ihr und wir sind. Die Aufnahmen findet ihr jetzt weiter unten.

Killswitch Engage-Frontmann beteiligt sich an Moshpit zu Agnostic Front

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I don’t get too prideful about many things. I try my best to remain humble fairly calm and centered. However when it comes to my culture, Hardcore, the music, the tribe and the movement…I take a ton of pride in those roots. The truth of it is Hardcore music saved my life, time and time again. There are a few bands that I will loose my mind over and let loose on the dance floor to. Yes even at 40 I still get in the pit and throw down there is nothing like that release! The legendary @agnosticfrontnyc is one of those bands that cut right to the core of me and a big part of what makes me the man I am today. If you know, you know. Hardcore music is much more than just music to those of us who were raised in it from a young age. I went to my first hardcore show when I was 14 and nothing has been the same since then. I look to @rogermiret as a tribal leader and honestly a living legend. He’s a very humble man and I am honored to know him and been able to interview him. I needed last night, hearing those songs that were my therapy. Watching guys who were a part of laying the groundwork for a music, a culture and a Tribe that embraced a odd kid that just couldn’t fit in to the “normal world of society.” Hardcore and Punk gave me an identity and a purpose to life outside of a seemingly hopeless and mundane existence. Massive respect and gratitude to The Godfather’s Of Hardcore and big love to my ride or die @matadora for capturing the moment I couldn’t stand in the back and just watch anymore. I had to be up front to get my fix of that energy that keeps me alive and makes me feel like I belong somewhere in this messed up world. Lastly thank you Roger for giving me an AF shirt the the OG Skinhead screen print! I’m gunna frame it and put it up in my home when I buy one someday. #AgnosticFront #HardcoreKid #HardcoreCulture #NYHC #JesseLeach #RogerMiret #ItsNotJustMusicItsALifestyle #punkrockmetalhead

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