CAPSIZE: Gitarrist Ryan Knowles streicht ab sofort die Segel!

Und das kurz vor der großen Tour mit STRAY FROM THE PATH und OBEY THE BRAVE: Wie CAPSIZE-Gitarrist Ryan Knowles jetzt verkündete, gehen er und die Band ab sofort getrennte Wege.

Neben einer großen Dankesrede an die Fans versichert Knowles, dass er nicht aufhören werde, Musik zu machen, das Kapitel CAPSIZE für ihn aber ein Ende gefunden habe:

„4 years ago today was one of those most defining days in my life. I was waking up to landing in London on my 19th birthday, to go on tour in Europe with @capsizeband for the first time ever. At that exact moment, I was totally content with how far music had gotten me. Little did I know it would lead into another 4 years of traveling nonstop, and seeing the world with some of my best friends, while making tons of new ones on the way. Today, I’m 23, and while the last 5 years of my life have been so incredible, it’s sad to say that it’s now time for me to move on from Capsize, and to focus on myself. I’m not giving up making music by any means, and already have some things in the works. I just want to thank the tru cru for being a part in making my dreams come to life. @danielwand @bleedblackx @andrewdrums @jimmy.sandoval

„I also want to thank all of the other amazing dudes who have cycled through this band for being a part of this as well @andrezrichardo @imbrianjoyce @infinitesunn @jaux_pas

„Finally, to anyone who ever came to a show, let us crash with you, or traded weed for guestlist spots, I am infinitely grateful.“


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